Sexy Walkin Stephen Hawkin

by Matthew Hutchins

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A song about Stephen Hawking and Black Holes


I dabble in some,
Time travel is it,
Do we burn up?
Where would we turn up?
Is there disparity,
In singularity?
Are they passive?
Will they be the end of us?
Will it matter?
If this matter?
Disappears without a fuss?
Why are all these stars leaving?
Maybe we have hurt their feelings?
I say we form a planetary council,
And set off on an adventure!
And if we can't convince them to turn back,
We'll have to plan a galactic attack!
Contact all the astrophysicists!
I plan to follow through with this!
We have to use physics to fight these physics,
Counteract this entropy and thermodynamics!
We have to get these smart guys on our side,
And get them talking,
Like sexy walkin' stephen hawkin'.
We have to build space ships to survive,
So we can thrive,
And avoid a nose dive.
These black holes keep expanding,
And exceed my general understanding.
I cannot comprehend,
How this world is going to end.
But if we find some friends,
They might help the anti-gravitational collapse revolution begin.
Black holes never stop taking and growing,
They're worse than we are!
They're worse than we are...
But we still love them
Since they're really cool
As proven by Sexy Walkin Stephen Hawking


released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Matthew Hutchins Australia

Crazed Scientist into well everything, writing a book a the moment, working on game dev, making music, drawing and attempting some animation work, though sadly I don't game very much anymore, no time :(.

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