by Matthew Hutchins

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A simple song about Stalindeviantar


Stalin's full name was,
Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili,
Isn't that totally sweet?
I heard Joseph Stalin had a lot of charm,
Especially for a guy with a deformed left arm,
I heard he would get all the girls with it,
Because he would do a lot of kinky shit!
Oh, Stalin,
You rascal, you!
Spreading communism,
Famines ,
Atheism, too!
While children dug up potatoes,
In a collective farm,
You flirted with some Russian hos,
With your pimped up left arm!
Stalin, baby,
I remember that arm like it was yesterday.
At first I thought it was gross,
But then we started to partaaaay.
You unbuttoned my dress,
And you had some trouble.
But then we drank some vodka,
Until we saw double.
You used that mustache in ways,
That would make Vladimir Lenin jealous.
I'm not sure if we were being loud,
Because no one would tell us.
Maybe that's just because you,
Ordered them not to.
I'm pretty sure you intimidate,
Most people around you.
You rascal, you!
Spreading communism,
Famines ,
Atheism, too!


released June 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Matthew Hutchins Australia

Crazed Scientist into well everything, writing a book a the moment, working on game dev, making music, drawing and attempting some animation work, though sadly I don't game very much anymore, no time :(.

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